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AGSS 2019 - Terms and Conditions

Alumni Grant Scheme Spain - General Terms and Conditions

1. Grant types and eligible activities

1.1        Grant Objectives

Project grants are awarded to alumni to implement a specified project in support of the objectives of the Alumni Grant Scheme Spain (AGSS). The objectives of the AGSS are:

·         to provide alumni with opportunities to enhance and capitalise on their knowledge and ideas to further develop professional skills, improve practice in their professional fields and or communities;

·         to develop, maintain and strengthen professional linkages and partnerships between alumni and the Australian Government, Australian businesses, organisations and educational institutions;

·         to connect alumni to each other across disciplines and professions, organisations and institutions, and geographic areas within Australia and Spain to create opportunities for collaboration;

·         to showcase Australia’s excellence as a global provider of high quality education and research.

1.2 Grants Available

One (1) grant of €4,000 is available under the 2019 AGSS round.

1.3 Grants Activities

The AGSS offers alumni the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to good use by supporting a range of projects and activities that contribute to the objectives outlined above.  Activities eligible for funding include, but are not limited to:

·         Attending or conducting training, workshops and seminars;

·         Capacity building, mentoring or coaching;

·         Research and research-related activities;

·         R&D and innovation;

·         Knowledge and technology transfer;

·         Professional networking programs;

·         Public awareness campaigns;

·         Organisational or institutional strengthening; and,

·         Community-based activities.

The Australian Embassy in Spain accepts proposals for a project grant from individual alumni, groups led by alumni, or organisations involving alumni. Groups should be led or co-led by an alumnus and may include non-alumni. There is no limit to the number of individuals within a group.

Project grant funds cannot be used for the following purposes:

  • Any personal items not relevant to the implementation of the grant activity;
  • Repayment of loans;
  • Fixed assets or property;
  • Activities contrary to the interests of Australia or the Australian Embassy in Spain;
  • Activities which discriminate against any group, or which promote a particular political or religious viewpoint.

The project must be completed within one year of confirmation of the grant.

Project grants are offered once a year. The Australian Embassy in Spain advertises application rounds for the AGSS through the Global Alumni, the Embassy websites and social media platforms in order to attract a range of applicants from across the alumni network.

Applicants have up to four weeks from when the application round is open to submit their proposals. In 2019, applications will close on Sunday 28 April 2019 and all applications must be received by midnight (Central European Time (CET)). Late applications will not be accepted.

Applicants may submit more than one application at a time. If an applicant submits two different applications, that is one as an individual and one as a member of a group application, the Australian Embassy in Spain will consider both applications on a case by case basis.

Applications may be deemed ineligible if they are incomplete, do not include the requested documentation, or do not address the selection criteria. Previous unsuccessful applicants and grantees are welcome to submit applications in subsequent application rounds.

Applications for project grants and follow-on grants should be made through the SmartyGrants website. Applications sent via email or post will not be accepted.

1.4 Selection criteria

The selection of a project grant is competitive and merit-based. Applications are assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Applicant has registered as a Global Alumni.
  2. The Project has clearly defined objectives consistent with one or more objectives of the AGSS.
  3. The project is linked to the knowledge and skills gained through the applicant’s study program in Australia and/or professional experience.
  4. The project offers potential to establish sustainable linkages between Australia and Spain and/or showcases Australia’s capabilities and credentials.
  5. The project will have measurable outcomes. The application should demonstrate how this impact will be measured.
  6. The project has a clear and realistic strategy for achieving its objectives within the stated timeframe.

1.5 Selection process

The selection process will be undertaken by the AGSS Management Team, which will score eligible applications against the selection criteria and make a recommendation to the Head of Mission of the Australian Embassy in Spain.

The successful applicant will be advised of the outcome of their application in writing (by email) by Friday 3 May 2019.

The  AGSS Management Team reserves the right to declare the prize null.


2. Gran terms and conditions

2.1        Terms and conditions

The successful applicant is required to confirm in writing their acceptance of the grant awarded through the AGSS within 7 days of receiving notification that the application has been successful.

Grant must be utilised within 12 months of being awarded. Applicants should advise the Australian Embassy in Spain in writing of any anticipated delay in implementing the activity. Where funds have already been transferred to an individual or organisation for a project that does not go ahead within the year, the recipient will have to return those funds.

Grantees are responsible for all administrative arrangements associated with their project, including visa and travel arrangements.

Grant funds may only be used for carrying out the activities for which the grant has been awarded. Any changes to the nature of a project or activity must have prior approval from the Australian Embassy in Spain.

Grant activities may not be carried out by any other person or organisation other than the grant recipient without prior approval from Australian Embassy in Spain.

2.2 Payment of funds

Grant funds will be paid to the recipient within 14 working days of the recipient providing the Australian Embassy in Spain their correct banking details in writing.

2.3 Termination or withdrawal of funding

The Australian Embassy in Spain reserves the right to withhold or withdraw funding, terminate a project or activity, or require grantees to return all or part of the grant funds if:

  • the grantee fails to comply with the grant terms and conditions;
  • the grantee fails to comply with lawful and reasonable instructions given by the Australian Embassy in Spain;
  • the Australian Embassy in Spain believes there has been unsatisfactory progress in carrying out the project or activity;
  • the Australian Embassy in Spain believes the grantee has not carried out the project or activity with reasonable care, thoroughness, and competence and to a standard that would be expected for the grantee’s level of experience in their practice, profession or line of work;
  • the grantee does not complete the funded activity;
  • the grantee provides false or misleading information to the Australian Embassy in Spain; believes this action significantly affects the project or activity or is likely to harm the reputation of the Australian Embassy in Spain or the Government of Australia.

The Australian Embassy in Spain will determine the amount of funds to be returned, taking into account:

  • whether there were any circumstances outside of the grantee’s control;
  • whether the issue can be satisfactorily addressed within a reasonable time frame; and,
  • the proportion of the project or activity that has already been successfully completed.

2.4 Taxation

Grantees are responsible for making their own arrangements regarding any taxation liabilities that may arise from the award of funding.

2.5 Insurance

Grantees are required to obtain any insurance that is necessary or prudent for undertaking their project. This includes any necessary insurance for equipment.

Grantees undertaking any travel outside their home country as part of their project are required to purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to travel. Travel insurance must include medical and hospital coverage, including for medical evacuation, permanent disability and accidental death. The Australian Embassy in Spain does not accept any liability for any medical, hospital or evacuation costs incurred by participants in projects funded by the AGSS.

Grantees undertaking travel must confirm that they have read the current Australian Government travel advice for that country prior to travel.

2.6 Risk management and fraud

Grantees are required to regularly review and manage the risks identified in their proposal throughout the grant period. The Australian Embassy in Spain requires grantees to report key risks in a timely manner. This includes risks to the achievement of the program’s objectives, fiduciary risks, and risks to the reputation of the Australian Embassy in Spain or the Australian Government.

The Australian Embassy in Spain has zero tolerance towards fraud and is committed to minimising the incidence of fraud. The Australian Embassy in Spain expects all grantees to comply with the following Fraud Policy Statement:

The Fraud Policy Statement defines fraud as 'dishonestly obtaining a benefit, or causing a loss, by deception or other means'. This definition extends beyond the legal definition of fraud to include benefits obtained that can be both tangible and intangible. It thus encompasses activities or behaviors broader than the misuse or misappropriation of monies or assets and includes:

  • theft;
  • obtaining property, a financial advantage or any other benefit by deception;
  • causing a loss, or avoiding or creating a liability by deception;
  • providing false or misleading information, or failing to provide information where there is an obligation to do so;
  • making, using or possessing forged or falsified documents;
  • bribery, corruption or abuse of position;
  • divulging confidential information to outside sources.

The Australian Embassy in Spain is obligated to report all cases of suspected, alleged or committed fraud or corruption to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) within five business days of becoming aware of the fraud or corruption. All cases of fraud and corruption are handled in a confidential, prompt and professional manner.

3. Reporting

3.1 Reporting and acquittal of founds

Grantees are required to provide reporting and acquit funds in a timely manner. This includes:

  1. Submission of a project update (a one-page document or similar): six months after grant being awarded.
  2. Submission of a detailed (final) narrative: by early-mid June 2020. This forms part of the final reporting.
  3. Evidence of expenditure.

Grantees are required to retain copies of original receipts and records relating to the grant for submission as part of the reporting process.

Grantees must return any unspent funds to the Australian Embassy in Spain.

3.2 Publicity

The Australian Embassy in Spain encourages grantees to promote their projects in traditional and online media. Grantees should consult with the Australian Embassy in Spain regarding such publicity. They should appropriately acknowledge Australian funding in grant activities and in any publicity arising from them.

The Australian Embassy in Spain will seek the support of the grantees to record a video for the Australian Embassy in Spain’s social media platforms and/or participation as a presenter in a small event for the Australian Alumni network to showcase their project.

The Australian Embassy in Spain would appreciate hard or soft copies of any media coverage or publications resulting from grant activities.

All grantees are required to provide three good quality high-resolution digital photographs, together with a brief description of the project, for use on the Global Alumni, the Australian Embassy in Spain and/or DFAT websites or social media platforms.

3.3 Intellectual property

Grantees retain the right to any intellectual property produced using grant funds or as a result of grant projects. Intellectual property means any trade marks, copyright, designs, rights in computer software, databases and lists, rights in any inventions, technology, experimental methods and results, processes, systems, concepts, protocols, techniques and know–how of any nature, patents, plant variety rights, and all other intellectual property, as that term is generally understood, whether registered or unregistered. 

4. Privacy and Freedom of Information

Information provided by applicants is used to process and assess the application. This information is stored on the Australian Embassy in Spain system. It is available to employees of the Government of Australia on a need-to-know basis.

The information provided by the applicant may be made public through national and local media or via the Global Alumni, the Australian Embassy in Spain or DFAT websites and/or social media platforms. DFAT may also publish this information, excluding personal information, in Annual Reports.

In other circumstances, the Australian Embassy in Spain only uses and/or discloses personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Applicants should also note the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 apply to documents in DFAT’s possession.

Further information is available in DFAT’s privacy policy

5. Contact details and other information

5.1 Contact details

AGSS Management Team

Embajada de Australia

Paseo de la Castellana, 259D, planta 24

28046, Madrid


5.2  Complaints and appeal

Feedback, inquiries and complaints in relation to the processing and selection of applications should be made in writing and sent to

Appeals against decisions on the selection of grantees will not be considered.