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What we can and cannot do

We provide consular assistance to Australian citizens and permanent residents travelling or living in Andorra, Equatorial Guinea and Spain. Our capacity to assist you is influenced by local laws and conditions, international rules governing consular work, and by the cooperation offered by persons and organisations outside the Australian Government. For more information on what we can and cannot do, please visit Assisting Australians overseas.

Travel information for Australians

Get the latest travel advisories and other traveller hints from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Living in or travelling in Spain

On-line registration for Australians overseas

Please register on our online registration if you are an Australian planning to live overseas for extended periods, or if you are travelling to a location where there are security risks. 

Australian Community in Spain

Australia Spain Business Association

The Australia Spain Business Association (ASBA) is a non profit association with the general aim of promoting business, investment and commercial relations between Australia and Spain. ASBA aims to be the key point of reference for Australian business entering Spain and for Spanish business entering the Australian market.

Former residents

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