Embajada de Australia
Andorra y Guinea Ecuatorial

PC8 Form Checklist


  •  Fully completed application form in black pen.
  •  All supporting documents are original (with official translations if not in English).
  •  Proof of citizenship provided – Australian birth certificate and/or citizenship certificate.

* If you were born after 20 August 1986 in Australia, additional documents are required - see PC8 instructions.

  •  Overseas birth certificate (with translation if not in English) for proof of gender and birth place, plus name change documents for any name changes since birth – this applies to applicants born overseas only.
  •  Name change documents provided if the name to go in your new passport is different from your Australian birth certificate name or Australian citizenship certificate name – see PC8 instructions for name change requirements.
  •  Photos checked for size and quality.
  •  Guarantor has written on the back of one photo “This is a true photo of applicant name” and signed underneath. Guarantor available during work hours.
  •  No whiteout or alterations on signatures/dates at Sections 11, 15, 17 and 18.
  •  Correct payment – remember, fees are adjusted on the 1st of each month.
  •  Previous expired or current Australian passports.
  •  Application to be lodged at the correct Australian Embassy or Consulate.

The following must also be added to the application:



  •  Full birth certificate for child (with official translation if not in English).
  •  Both parents have given consent at Section 15.
  •  Witness for both parents’ consent not related or living in same household as either parent.
  •  Lodging parent signed/dated declaration at Section 17 (on behalf of child).
  •  Children aged 10 and over signed at Section 18.
  •  All court orders issued in relation to the child provided.
  •  Name change documentation for child provided if current name is different to birth name.
  •  Name change documentation for parents provided if current names differ from child’s birth certificate – eg. marriage certificate for mother.
  •  ID provided for the lodging parent.

If you cannot answer yes to all items, please contact the office where you will be lodging your application to discuss.