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What form do I need to complete?

What form do I need to complete?

Adults who are renewing their Australian passport overseas can use the Australian Passport Renewal Application Form (PC7) if all of the following are true:

  • Be aged 18 years or over,
  • your current passport has not expired for more than 3 years,
  • your current adult passport was issued after 01/07/2000 or your minor's passport was issued after 01/07/2005 and the holder had reached the age of 16 when the passport was issued,
  • your most recent passport is not damaged, lost or stolen,
  • your current passport is/was valid for over 2 years, and
  • you are not applying to change any of your personal details included on the passport.

All other applicants must use the Overseas Passport Application Form (PC8). This includes the following applicants:

  • you are applying for a child’s (under the age of 18) passport,
  • you are applying for your first adult passport (if your current passport was issued prior to 01/07/2005 and/or the holder had not reached the age of 16),
  • you are applying for a first ever Australian passport,
  • you are replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport,
  • you are applying to change your name or amend some personal details, such as, your date of birth,
  • you are applying for your first passport after resumption of citizenship
  • you are applying to replace a limited validity passport, emergency passport, or other temporary travel document.