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Passports: Frequently Asked Questions

Passports : Frequently Asked Questions

 How long does it take for my passport to be issued?

The processing time for a passport is up to three weeks from the date of lodging a complete application at a passport office. This includes delivery time if you elect to have your new passport sent out to you instead of collecting it from the passport office. If you have an urgent need to travel sooner than the three weeks, please contact your lodging office to discuss your situation. 

Do I have to lodge the application in person?

Yes, just like if you were applying in Australia.

Does the Australian parent have to lodge a child passport\'s application?

Either parent can lodge the passport application for a child. There is no requirement for the lodging parent to be an Australian citizen.

Does the child have to attend the interview?


Do you accept certified copies of original documents?

No. You must provide the originals of all documents required. There is no exception to this rule, even if you are lodging by mail. The original documents can be presented at any Australian passport office worldwide. They do not have to be presented at the same office where you are lodging. Please inform the overseas office where you will be lodging the application, and a copy will be sent to that office.

Can I get more pages added to my existing passport?

No. You must apply for a new passport if you have run out of visa pages.

How do I change my name?

If you have changed your name since birth or citizenship, you must provide one of the following approved name change documents:

  • If you were born in Australia – a revised birth certificate, marriage certificate or name change certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Australian state where you were born or married. Foreign marriage certificates are not acceptable for name change purposes.
  • If you were born overseas – a revised birth certificate or name change certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Australia OR an official name change document issued by the equivalent overseas authority duly authenticated with the Apostille of the Hague. This includes official marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees or court orders for change of name.

Special note re marriage certificates: If you are changing your name due to marriage, please note that we can only accept official certificates issued by the state/territory or country where you were married, not by the marriage celebrant. Please check your certificate carefully to ensure it is not the ceremonial certificate you received on the day of the ceremony. Additionally, marriage certificates can only be used to evidence a change in your surname. If you wish to add/change your given names, you will need to provide separate name change document in addition to your marriage certificate. All foreign documents must be authenticated with the Apostille of the Hague.

I have recently moved and do not know anyone in Spain who has known me for more than a year.

If you do not know anyone in Spain who can be your guarantor, then you will need to obtain a guarantor elsewhere. You will need to send them the guarantor page from the PC8 application form plus one of your photos. Once they have filled in the documents as outlined on the application form, they must return the documents to you so that you can submit them with your application. If you need to travel in the next few weeks, please make sure you have the documents sent to/from your guarantor by courier so that you receive them in time to lodge your application.

Can you recommend any places that do Australian-style photos?

Information on photo requirements

Do I have to keep my glasses on for the photo?  

No. If you are having problems with flash reflections or your frames are very heavy, please remove them for the passport photo. 

What is the “Crown of Head” that is referred to in the photo requirements?

The “Crown of Head” is where the top of your skull would be if it were visible. It is not the top of your hair or the start of your hairline.

Do I have to enter Australia on an Australian passport?

Yes. You are not entitled to a visa. Please check the information on the Department of Home Affairs' website.

Do I have to make an appointment to attend an interview?

Yes, it is essential to make an appointment first to lodge your application in person at the Embassy in Madrid or at the Consulate in Barcelona. Request an appointment in Madrid or in Barcelona.

Can I travel on a passport in which the name is different from my ticket?

You should contact your airline to see if they will carry you. If so, you should then contact the immigration department of all countries to which you are travelling (except Australia) to ensure you will be able to fulfill their immigration/customs requirements.

What if I may have lost my Australian citizenship?

All citizenship enquiries should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs' Global Service Centre on their telephone number +61 2 6196 0196, Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Spain time), morre information is also avaialble on the Department of Home Affairs' website.

What happens to my old passport?

If your old passport is in good condition, it will be physically cancelled and returned to you. If your old passport is seriously damaged, it will be retained by the passport office for destruction.

It is not possible to lodge an Australian passport application electronically.

Every time I enter my current address (overseas) on the online application form, I get an error that my address can not be verified. What do I do?

The Passports Australia website cannot verify overseas addresses. This message is just a warning. As long you are satisfied that the address you have entered is correct you can proceed by pressing the NEXT button.

My foreign visa is about to expire. Can you assist?

Australian Embassies cannot assist you with any enquiries on foreign visas. You must contact the embassy of the country that issues the visa. For further information on what Australian Embassies can and cannot do for you please click here

Can I print out a blank form online?

No. Only completed applications can be printed off from the website. If you require a blank application form, please contact the office where you will be lodging your application. 

 Should you still require further information on Australian Passports, please contact us via email on: madr.passports@dfat.gov.au