Australian Embassy
Andorra and Equatorial Guinea

Fees: Consular and Passport

Fees: Consular & Passport

Passport Fees* (April 2024)

Adult 35-Visa Page Passport

305 €

Child 35-Visa Page Passport (Under 16 years of age)

153 €

Child 35-Visa Page Passport (Over 16 years of age)

257 €

Senior 35-Visa Page Passport ( >75 years of age)

201 €

Emergency 6-Visa Page Passport

132 €

Replacement 35-Visa Page Passport (passports with full visa

pages and > 2 years remaining validity)

132 €


Consular Fees

Certified copies


Witnessing signature (s)


Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage


Statutory Declaration


Apostille of the Hague



Courier Fees

Courier Fee for the Peninsula and Balearic Islands

12 €

Courier Fee for the capital cities of the Canary Islands

25 €

Courier Fee for rural areas of the Canary Islands

48 €

Courier Fee for Andorra

45 €


* Fees are reviewed on a monthly basis and are regulated by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Please ensure you visit our website prior to your appointment. 


Credit/Debit Card Authorisation Form (Visa or Mastercard only) for notarial services (Apostilles, Certified Copies) lodged by courier or registered mail to the Embassy.