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Visa information and updates

Implications of COVID-19 on visas

If you have any questions about the implications of the COVID-19 global health emergency for visa holders or applicants in Australia, we recommend that you visit the information published by the Australian Department of Home Affairs here. 
Update: Student visa program – July 2020: On 20 July the Australian Government announced a number of changes to student visa arrangements to support international students during the COVID-19 crisis. You can read more here.

Visa Information and Updates

Did you know you can apply for a visa online? 

All you need to do is create an ImmiAccount here.

Visit the Home Affairs website for information on the range of visas available, processing time and fees.

The Visa Office at the Australian Embassy in Madrid closed on 30 June 2018. The Australian Embassy in Madrid has no visa function.

If you have any general enquiries or have applied for a visa and need any assistance and you are residing in Spain or Andorra, please contact the Global Service Centre Tel: +61 2 6196 0196. Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00 (Spain time). If you are residing in Equatorial Guinea please contact the Home Affairs Migration Branch at the Australian High Commission in Nairobi (Kenya).

Visa Information 

We invite you to visit the website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. This site has all the necessary information about the many types of visas available (criteria, forms, fees and form procedures to follow).

You can also do a simulation according to your situation.

Please note this information is only available in English.

What's new? 

New Digital Assistant online chat for Visa and citizenship enquiries

Help the Australian Government improve its new Digital Assistant online chat for Visa and citizenship enquiries.

We are currently trialling a new Digital Assistant online chat that will make it easier and faster to find answers to Australian visa and citizenship questions.

The Digital Assistant trial will be available on the Australian Government’s Immigration and Citizenship website pages ( for approximately three months. You can open the Australian Visa and Citizenship Digital Assistant by clicking on the ‘Digital Assistant’ orange tab located at the bottom right hand side of the screen on our Immigration and Citizenship webpages.

We are asking for your help to improve the Digital Assistant by using it as much as possible throughout the trial for your Australian visa and citizenship questions, and sending any feedback you have on the Digital Assistant. Feedback can be provided by clicking on the blue feedback tab at the bottom of the screen.

For more information on our trial Digital Assistant go to

Enhancing visa and citizenship services

The Australian Government has announced it will enhance the way visa and citizenship services are delivered using the latest digital technologies. Click here for more information.

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa subclass 457 and Australian Citizenship

Important changes to the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa subclass 457 and strengthening the test for Australian Citizenship have been announced. Please click on the panels under latest news on the home page of for the latest information.

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